Partnering with Love INC of Greater Hancock County

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Church Leadership

Community Partners

Individual Volunteers

Church Leadership

Love INC is the Church. Churches are Love INC!

  • Churches Make Love INC
  • Churches Do Love INC
  • Churches Relate Through Love INC
  • Churches Mobilize Through Love INC
  • Churches Own Love INC

Elements of a Church Partnership

Each Love INC partner church commits to joining with other churches to provide volunteer and financial support for the operation of the ministries guided by Love INC

Process of Engagement as Partner Church

1. Set up a working meeting with church leadership group, guided by Love INC, to establish vision for service.

2. Develop a policy for answering three categories of request:

  • Active member
  • Referral from member
  • Walk-in

3. Complete the Redemptive Compassion study with materials available from Love INC of Greater Hancock County.

4. Schedule a Love INC Sunday and encourage members to complete a Talent Survey.

5. Determine the level of partnership with Love INC that your church is comfortable with.

Community Partners

Here are some ways your business or organization can get involved with the Love INC Movement:

Our Partners

We’d like to thank our banquet partners listed below. Your support is greatly appreciated!

  • Don Rigo
  • God’s Open Arms Ministry
  • NineStar Connect
  • Hancock Community Foundation
  • Purdue Extension Homemakers
  • GDI
  • Leo’s
  • Crew Car Wash
  • Walmart


Here are some ways you can get involved with the Love INC Movement:

  • Help Spread the Word. Join the Conversation.
  • Sign up for our Love INC newsletter.
  • Pray for the Love INC Movement
  • Become a Love INC Volunteer