Love INC of Greater Hancock County serves Hancock County churches.

Love INC serves the church – the church serves those with needs.

Love INC, through church volunteers, serves anyone with a manageable need in their service area.

6 Core Principles of Redemptive Compassion

  • See everyone’s value.
  • Invest relationally in others.
  • Help everyone achieve their God-given potential.
  • Require mutual contribution and participation.
  • Respond with wisdom and discernment.
  • Serve in ways that transform.
  • Ministries

    We strive to use our core principles in all of our areas of ministry. From taking calls to directing resources to helping house those in need, we aim to serve in ways that transform.

    Clearinghouse Ministry

    The Clearinghouse or call center is the foundation of the Love INC ministry. It is also the first opportunity we have to begin connecting churches relationally with neighbors in need.

    The Clearinghouse receives requests for help, screens the requests, verifies the need, and then refers the request to a local church ministry, church volunteer, or community agency. After people are helped the Clearinghouse follows up to ensure the need was met and to offer continued spiritual support. Intakes are done over the telephone by trained volunteers.

    Gap Ministry

    As the Clearinghouse receives calls for help “gaps” in community serves and resources are identified. The local Love INC helps churches that have a desire and the means to build ministries to “fill in the gap”.

    Gap ministries may include:  Furniture & Appliances, Personal Care Products (H2O), Handyman Services, Giving Nursery, New Creation Kitchen Ministry, Medical Supply Closet, Gas cards, and Wheelchair Ramps (in partnership with SAWS).

    Transformational Ministry

    Love INC, through local churches, seeks to transform the lives of people in chronic need by providing caring relationships and training opportunities.

    To facilitate these relationships, Love INC organizes and equips church members (from across denominational lines) to lead budgeting/finance classes, life-skills classes or mentor people in need over a short period of time. Usually, two to four months. The relationships built during this time are significant for all involved.