Love INC, through local churches, seeks to transform the lives of people in chronic need through caring relationships and classes/training opportunities. Love INC organizes and equips church members from across many denominations to lead courses and/or walk alongside (mentor) people in need for a set time period in order to help them acquire one or more skills and move toward self-sufficiency.

These courses can be accompanied by material support and special access to Gap Ministry resources (incentives or rewards). In addition these courses will typically have goal setting, and some level of accountability incorporated into them.

Transformational Ministry workshops are a powerful way for Love INC to fulfill its mission to mobilize local churches to transform lives and communities in the Name of Christ.The sessions listed below can be accessed by referring your neighbor in need to our Clearinghouse.

Phone banks are open 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM Monday through Friday. Voice mail is available if we are talking with other callers and during other hours.


Transformational programs/workshops are essential to equip our neighbors to better cope and gain skills to improve their life circumstances.  They receive skills training, spiritual support, emotional support, and build healthy relationships throughout their participation. 

In the Job Skills workshop our neighbors learn where and how to find a job, attitude in the work place, resume writing, time management, interview skills, and teamwork.

The Cooking Skills workshop focuses on meal planning, thrifty shopping, crock pot cooking, casseroles, what to do with fresh vegetables, boxed vs. homemade, and food safety. 

Hearts of Hope is our money management workshop where mentors walk alongside participants as they not only learn to transform their financial situation but build positive relationships and hope for the future. 

Our Job Skills will be held two times this summer and one time in fall.  Cooking Skills will be held in the spring, summer, and fall.  The Hearts of Hope is continuously running throughout the year. 

Here is where you can fit in:

1. Invest in a family by mentoring them through the Hearts of Hope program.

2. Be a presenter at Job Skills or Cooking sessions.

3. Donate incentives for session completion. Call for details.

Ideas for future expansion:

We have a need for someone with case management or social work experience to volunteer in our Faith Team program.

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