Another of our core principles is RELATIONSHIP.

Love INC is about building relationships with clients and treating them with dignity as creations of God, made in the image of God, and having value and worth to God. Our goal is not to just address a perceived need in a transactional fashion, but to take the time to enter into relationship with those we serve in order to understand the real needs of the client, build a trusting relationship with the client, and allow the Holy Spirit to work through the church volunteers to initiate both physical and spiritual transformation. This means we take the time to understand the client’s situation and needs, include them in the solution to their need, and always treat them as image bearers of God, their creator.

Since the root cause of families finding themselves dependent upon others is often a breakdown in the family support structure, this core principle also drives us to introduce the families to a small group to walk alongside them while they get back on their feet.

More later about our new Faith Teams.

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