To be the hands and feet of Christ

Love INC of Greater Hancock County (#loveincghc) would love to get you connected to a ministry where you could use your gifts in service to your neighbors in Hancock County.

  1. Would your church small group consider adopting a family that needs someone to walk alongside and hold them accountable in carrying out their plan to reach self-sufficiency? We have someone who would show you what that means and we have a family anxious to break the cycle of poverty they have been trapped in for generations.
  2. We have various home repair projects (small) that need willing hands to do the work.
  3. Are you hesitant to get out and invite your neighbors to go to church? Would you be more comfortable going to them to let them know about resources that are available in the county? And, “Oh by the way, here is some information about our church.”

We have neighbors calling every day that have legitimate needs that we can not meet due to resources being unavailable. Would you consider helping us reduce that number? You will be blessed.


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