There has been much attention paid to hunger in Hancock County and elsewhere. It seems odd that we have so much conversation around obesity, dieting and food safety alongside conversation regarding those who struggle to provide basic food for their families. Unfortunately, social media has proliferated inaccurate information from many biased viewpoints, much of which is accepted as fact by the general public.The national media is no better when they spend the sound bites on the surfer eating lobster with his food stamps and fail to follow up with the realities of trying to survive on what SNAP benefits provide. The sensational gains our attention regardless of whether or not the facts are there to support the story.

Many of you have heard me say before that it is not a matter of whether or not we ration resources. That is a given due to the fact that resources are limited. The question becomes: how do we equitably ration those limited resources. This is a legitimate role for Love INC of Greater Hancock County (#loveincghc) to assist with.

Here are just some of our partners that can assist families struggling with feeding their households:

Kenneth Butler Memorial Soup Kitchen

Meals on Wheels

Hancock County Food Pantry

Angel Connection

Vineyard Fellowship Pantry

Two options in Fortville

For details on these and other referral only food resource providers, please have families call the Clearinghouse at (317) 468-6300 anytime. The phones are manned on weekday mornings. There is a voice message system other times and we will get back with them as soon as possible.


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