Now that I have your attention, please read these remaining thoughts before responding.

First, I believe God’s first choice is fairly easy to discern from scripture [Hint: I Samuel 8]

Second, knowing the unchanging character of God can be examined through reading of His Word, let’s examine a few characteristics of past leaders that pleased God.

  1. They were flawed, but repented those errors and accepted the consequences (David – II Samuel 12)
  2. When they acknowledged their dependence upon Him, He was pleased and blessed them (Solomon – I Kings 3)
  3. God allowed evil kings for His purpose of bringing His people back to Him (II Kings 17:7-23)
  4. Generally, those chosen were unlikely candidates ( Gideon, the disciples…)
  5. God always provided guidance when His people stopped to ask Him for it.

Finally, God expects His people to submit themselves to the civil authority He has established (Romans 13: 1-6)

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Jackie Cecil · September 8, 2015 at 9:35 pm

i guess we can look forward to the people coming back to God!

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