I had the pleasure this morning of joining my friends with the Character Council of Hancock County at their monthly meeting. Before you ask, YES, some of them ARE characters. But that is not what the meeting was about.

We joined in an examination of the character quality of Decisiveness. We learned there are 5 concepts to help us make the right, wise choices as opposed to the quick decision.

  1. Gather information, especially from trusted advisors
  2. Keep a clear perspective
  3. Make the right choice – know the cost
  4. Follow through
  5. Weather criticism – Own it when you were wrong

Each month we get a chance to discuss another of 49 character qualities.

The Character Council is a non profit organization dedicated to strengthening the personal character of individuals with the goal of impacting families and communities. We provide training, resources, and assistance for character implementation in the entire community. Materials are available for implementation  by employers, schools  and churches.

Join us at 7:00 AM at Ninestar the second Wednesday of each month.


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