We have all heard the stories of those who are taking advantage of others’ generosity without first doing all they can to help themselves. Yes, those situations exist but they are not the norm. From my experience it is far more frequent to have people who are truly in need of, and deserving of, some assistance either turn it down because “there is someone else that needs it more” or struggle more than necessary because they didn’t know resources were available. Example #1: a lady at least a decade past normal retirement age who said she didn’t need the help getting her gutters cleaned because “someone else needs the help more than I do.” Examples # 2 & 3: Failure to help a single dad last winter because we weren’t fully aware of the services available from Safe Families for Children; conversation surrounding overdose death of a young person led to discovery of an additional treatment facilities that we could refer to.


  1. The person overhearing the conversation about someone abusing the system may hesitate to reach out for help  because they don’t want to be the topic of the next conversation. Colossians 4:6 “Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how you ought to answer each person.”
  2. Consider taking the lead at your church to adopt a neighborhood in Hancock County. We have a vision of every neighborhood in the county having a church assigned that sends prayer teams into the neighborhood to pray over each house, giving to the resident or leaving a Love INC supplied card showing resources available and how to access them. The canvass team would note those folks that might be more vulnerable and would make a special point to maintain contact with them.

We have ministries with inventory and volunteers anxious to bless those who need help to make it through the rough spot.

Let’s be the church in Hancock County. Together we can do this.


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