Carbon Copy

Scripture:  John 13:15

Props:  Paper and crayons  (A simple stiff cardboard back on the paper makes it easier for the kids to draw)

A picture or picture of a stained glass window or windows showing different parts of Jesus’ ministry



I have given each of you a crayon and a piece of paper.  While I am talking I would like you to make a copy of this window.                       When I said that, I am sure a few of you older kids said to yourselves, “He has to be joking!”  After all, we only have one crayon and a small piece of paper.  And I am certain many in the congregation said to themselves, “I hope he doesn’t make us stay until they are finished.”

In our scripture for today Jesus is asking His disciples to copy Him just as I asked you to copy this window.  And I am sure, after watching Jesus return sight to the blind man and bring Lazarus back to life, the disciples made some of the same comments to themselves that you just did.  After all, they were only human: farmers, fishermen and tax collectors.  When we are faced with a job that seems impossible for us, there are several approaches we can take.  First we can give up and not do anything because the job is so big.  That’s why those toys never seem to get picked up off the floor isn’t it?  I know when I look at this beautiful window, knowing art is not my best talent, I would probably feel I just wasn’t good enough to even try to copy it.  But I don’t think Jesus would have been happy with either of those answers, do you?

So, what can we do?  Let’s look at some other possibilities. First, we could pick out our favorite part of the window and do our best to fit that part on the paper we have.  Or we could make our picture smaller, leaving out some of the finer details, but still making a drawing that most people would recognize.  The important thing is that we do the best we can even though it won’t look exactly like the original.  That’s what the disciples did, too. They did their best to imitate Jesus in their lives and we have churches to worship in today because they didn’t give up.

Over the next few months we are going to look at the different frames in the window to see what we can learn about Jesus, so we will be better able to copy Him in our lives.

Prayer:  Jesus, thank you for picking disciples that wouldn’t give up so that we are able to know about you.  Give us the courage to try, even though our copy of Your life will not be the same.  Help us recognize those things which we can do well, with your help. Amen.


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