One of our gap ministries received this heartwarming letter. I w anted to pass it along as an encouragement to the many volunteers that make Love INC what it is.  I highlighted a couple phrases that are important for everyone to hear.

“September 11, 2015 although a sad anniversary for most, began a new chapter in my life and the lives of my children.  I know I mentioned multiple times on that day how much I appreciated everything the Furniture Ministry had done for me, I wanted to say it again but this time I wanted to put it down on paper.  I will keep a copy of this letter and it will be a reminder that there are angels among us and I am lucky enough to know a few personally!

So again, THANK YOU for helping me furnish my little apartment.  . . .(at the beginning of) the chaos of the situation I knew I had to act quickly.  At the time, all I could think was I needed to find us a clean, safe place to live.  I hadn’t thought about all the incidentals we would eventually need like beds, a couch, dishes, pots and pans.  I recall praying to God that if He could give me the strength to take the next step and secure housing,  I would some how figure out the rest.  I actually pictured us sleeping on air mattresses and eating at a card table!  But He had other plans.  He not only gave me the strength I needed, but He also put in my path amazing people with the means to do so much more for the kids and I than I could have ever imagined!

Words cannot express the feeling I get when I hear the kids in their bedrooms, laughing with friends.  We are once again able to hang out in the kitchen making dinner together and going over the events of the day or sitting on the couch watching our favorite television shows.  You helped make this possible for the kids and I and I will be forever grateful!


(When) first approached about your offer to help, I was embarrassed and ashamed.  In my mind, I had gotten myself into this situation and it was my responsibility to get myself out.  I have now come to realize that God wants us to help each other.  He wants us to lend a hand when we are able.  He wants us to lift each other up in times of need.  I hope I can be an “angel” for someone just like you have been for me.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.”

As we reach out to our neighbors to give them a hand, we must do all we can to show them they have value, they have potential and that we are merely walking alongside them as they allow God to heal their family.


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