As I see the headline I wonder where that term came from – “Odds & Ends”.  I know I could “Google it” but it’s more fun trying to guess and ask a live friend to share their expertise.  What do you think?


Here’s my Christmas wish list:

Need # 1 – a young man trying to get back on his feet has a promise of a job doing tree work but he needs t supply his own tools: chain saw, climbers, etc.  Anybody out there that might help?

Need # 2 – We have someone who needs help getting moved on Tuesday 12/29.

Need # 3 – One pickup and helper to move clothes racks from Fairgrounds at 2:00 PM 12/24.

Need # 4 – Spread the word about Love INC. Have your friends like our Facebook page and subscribe to our newsletters.

Need # 5 – Young lady with three children would like to have a tree. Special bonus: show her how to make decorations with popcorn and string or scrap paper. Does anybody do that any more?

Call the office at (317) 468-6300 or call me directly (317) 372-2304

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