We are blessed to be able to bring Robert Lupton, the author of the best-selling book Toxic Charity to Greenfield for our Love Thy Neighbor dinner on February 11, 2017. Between now and then i willbe psoting some excerpts from the book.

“When we do for those in need what they have the capacity to do for themselves, we disempower them.”

“For all of our efforts to eliminate poverty…we have succeeded only in creating a permanent underclass, dismantling their family structures, and eroding their ethic of work.”

As we look at his observations, much of it will resonate with the presentation and training done by Lois Tupyi two years ago on Redemptive Compassion. The six core principles of what we call Love INC’s defining difference are:

  • See everyone’s value.
  • Invest relationally in others.
  • Help everyone achieve their God-given potential.
  • Require mutual contribution and participation.
  • Respond with wisdom and discernment.
  • Serve in ways that transform.

Investing relationally and serving in ways that transform takes time and can get messy. Lupton makes the statement that “Our memory is short while recovery is long.” Yet this is our calling.

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