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What does the name “Valentine” mean?

  1. Loving and romantic
  2. Compassionate
  3. Strong, worthy
  4. Wild and crazy

There are several saints in the Catholic Church that are known as St. Valentine.

Who receives the most cards on St. Valentine’s Day?

  1. Pastors
  2. Teachers
  3. Florists
  4. Bankers

About 1 billion cards are sent on that day.

Which state produces 60 % of American roses?

  1. California
  2. Indiana
  3. Florida
  4. Ohio

Most of the roses sold on St. Valentine’s Day are red.

What is the current Guinness World Record for the most people kissing simultaneously?

  1. 14,768
  2. 114,672
  3. 1,420
  4. 39,897

Go figure why that is an odd number!

The “INC” in Love INC of Greater Hancock County stands for:

  1. Incorporated
  2. In Numerous Congregations
  3. In the Name of Christ
  4. Indiana Needs Coalition

The first of the ten core principles that guide Love INC is that we are Christian and serve as His hands & feet in Hancock County.

Love INC of Greater Hancock County is a:

  1. Parachurch ministry
  2. Way for churches to agree on doctrine
  3. Primarily a source of financial support
  4. Christians united lovingly serving people in need

A second core principle is unity, not uniformity. We recognize that Christians (and the churches where they fellowship together) can have different doctrinal standards or worship styles but still be unified in our support of the gospel message and our witness of service to our neighbors.

The mission of Love INC of Greater Hancock County is:

  1. “Visit orphans and widows in their affliction”
  2. To coordinate social services in Hancock County
  3. “Feed the hungry, house the homeless
  4. Mobilize churches to transform lives In the Name of Christ

Good stewardship and effectiveness in serving others is a noble goal that we hope to contribute to; however our mission is to see lives transformed through the mobilization of local church members. Love INC intends to be a resource to the pastors and staff of the local churches to assist them in raising up new volunteers.

Of the 106 churches in Hancock County, how many are Love INC partner churches?

  1. 80
  2. 6
  3. 15
  4. 30

If you are interested in learning more about how your church might become a Love INC partner you can contact the office.

Which of the following is NOT a gap ministry of Love INC of Greater Hancock County:

  1. Bunk bed ministry
  2. Car repair ministry
  3. Home medical equipment
  4. Fill the Cupboard

Gap ministries are specific ministries that are managed by one or more church teams for the benefit of anyone in the county. Clearinghouse volunteers often do the scheduling of these services. All together we have ___ gap ministries. Car repairs and other free or discounted professional or skilled services are provided by generous community partners.

Since starting in 2004, Love INC of Greater Hancock County has assisted how many families?

  1. 1,520
  2. 3,219
  3. 854
  4. 5,168

Starting with nearly 200 families our very first year of operations we have grown to serving 643 families in 2015. Many families that are referred to our Clearinghouse have multiple needs. We didn’t start tracking the needs met until 2009 but in those latest 7 years we have connected families to churches and other organizations that have met almost 6.000 expressed needs.

How many Hoosiers are living in poverty (at or below 100% of the federal poverty level)?

  1. 1,260,419
  2. 1,015,127
  3. 726,050
  4. 2,275,546

The last number (2,275,546) is how many Hoosiers are considered low income.

How are the Love INC volunteers able to assist families spiritually?

  1. They are not, since we are prohibited by funding sources
  2. Request to add them to prayer list
  3. Pray with them, offer church invitation, support
  4. Direct them to web site resources

The Board has intentionally avoided seeking funding from any sources that might hinder our ability to offer to our families a connection to Jesus Christ. Although we do not change how we offer to serve them, we do inquire of each caller about their church affiliation and offer an invitation to those who are unaffiliated. We also ask to pray with each caller. We are currently looking for church small groups (Faith Teams) willing to walk alongside some of our families who need assistance in becoming self-sufficient.

Which of the following is NOT part of our Transformational Ministry offerings?

  1. Addictions counseling
  2. Job Skills
  3. Budget Meal preparation
  4. Money management

Although we refer many to the various churches doing Celebrate Recovery and have a list of recovery services available that we can refer to, this is not a direct part of our Transformational Ministry area.  We will be scheduling a new round of workshops soon if your church would like to host one of them.  We also rely on volunteer presenters if you have expertise you are willing to share with your neighbors.

Which one is the most critical Hancock County Community issue according to a recent survey?

  1. Food insecurity
  2. Homelessness
  3. Services for senior citizens
  4. Health & well being of children

With a ranking of 12.49 out of a possible 16 on a recent Hancock County Community Foundation poll.. Child care and education were also ranked separately. And of course, we know that homelessness affects children as well. These are the facts that have driven Love INC’s move to develop our Family Support Networks initiative in order to impact the kiddo’s.

Safe Families for Children has reunited what % of children with a biological family member?

  1. 93%
  2. 25%
  3. 72%
  4. 49%

Since 2002, Safe Families for Children has placed more than 20,000 children in Host Family homes in the United States. On average, a child stays with a Host Family for slightly less than 40 days. Parents are referred for a variety of reasons but mostly because of an unstable living environment or crisis. The majority of children hosted are younger than 5 years of age, and 93% return to their parent or a relative who is in a better position to care for them.

How many Hancock County Families are currently trained and certified to be host families?

  1. 11
  2. 23
  3. 4
  4. None yet but many in process

Another 113 are in the approval process. We also have Intake volunteers ready to man the phones 24×7 and case coaches and other support volunteers ready to assist the host families and the biological families.

Of the 25,943 households in Hancock County, how many are single parent households?

  1. 3,588
  2. 8,392
  3. 2,372
  4. 972

Of the total households, only 6,592 had children according to the 2013 census numbers. So nearly one-third of households with children are single parent.


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